Working with transgender and non-binary young people and their parents

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For many young transgender and non-binary people their families, and specifically their parents, are all too often a source of stress, rather than a source of support. In some families, whilst parents may present as affirming of their transgender or non-binary child, in reality their support may be ambiguous, or reluctantly given. As such, family therapist have a key role to play in terms of assisting parents to adopt a truly affirming approach.

This workshop aims to provide attendees with an overview of diversity amongst transgender and non-binary young people, to consider one particular lens through which to understand instances where parents seem less than affirming, and to identify best practice approaches to affirming transgender and non-binary young people. By the end of the workshop attendees will be able to:

  1. Understand diversity amongst transgender and non-binary young people, and have critical tools for identifying the logic underpinning the marginalization they experience,
  2. Be aware of the incidence of marginalization within families where a child is transgender or non-binary
  3. Recognise ‘gaslighting’ as one form of such marginalization, and be able to identify when it occurs in the clinical setting
  4. Apply structured case formulation materials aimed at identifying the needs of transgender and non-binary young people, including when such needs may be undermined by the child’s parents

Damien Riggs is an Associate Professor in social work at Flinders University, and Australian Research Council Future Fellow, a psychotherapist in private practice who specializes in working with transgender young people, and a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society.              

For any further enquiries regarding this event, please contact the AAFT office:
Email: PH: 03 9429 9938

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