Why are gender markers even a thing?

Coa_QueenslandQueensland Trans activists are pushing for the right to change the gender markers on their birth certificates. Currently it’s only possible to do this post surgery.

Only recently did Victorian parliament begin considering a bill to do exactly this.

Trans woman Riley-Faye Jackson comments:

“If you’re not trans and you have the wrong sex, the wrong gender on something you won’t think it’s a small thing — you’ll be like ‘it’s not me’ — that’s exactly how we feel and the Government isn’t respecting that.”

And the government, to their credit appears open to the suggestion; whether this will translate to action on the subject is another matter though.

But the bigger issue is this: why are gender markers on any kind of identification? I know it’s historical, but it’s the 21st century now, and surely there’s a level of equality that can do away with this? The mere fact that you can now add “X” as a marker kind of makes the whole idea of the marker redundant doesn’t it?

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