What it means to be Genderqueer

ABC_Australia_logoWe totally missed this article on Australia’s ABC back in September. It features tow genderqueer locals, Sam and Mikey, and gives a rather good overview of what it is to be genderqueer, including this corker of a comment from Sam:

“If you’re not a doctor, you don’t need to know what part’s between my legs,” Sam said.

It’s really nice to see a local view on genderqueer (and indeed, anything in the “T” and “I” space); so many articles are straight from the United States, which while similar to Australia, isn’t quite the same thing.

Sam and Mikey, both genderqueer identified, also make an excellent point which we totally agree with:

In the meantime Sam and Mikey would like to see a world where people feel comfortable asking what pronouns a person would prefer, and a society free of what they think are unnecessary gender references – from forms and Facebook to shopping aisles and school.

Read the article here.

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