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As Genderqueer peeps are fully aware, “Gender” is a vexed question. It’s not one thing or another as society expects everyone to be, it’s something else, nebulous and flowing.

Tonie Field and Tina Healy are speaking about their life stories at The Sycamore Tree Coffee Shop in Heidelberg on the 24th of February on this very question.

What is gender in 2017? There is a huge generational divide in how younger and older generations often see gender. The definitions continue to broaden and the options continue to grow. So join us as we hear from Tina Healy and Tonie Field and their life stories. We look forward to an evening of learning from others and of discussing the way in which the question of gender is being re-evaluated.

The Cafe of Dangerous ideas is a facebook group which discusses issues from a “vaguely” christian perspective.

Get more details on the event on the Facebook event page.

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