Webinar: Identifying and Dismantling Trans Misogyny

LGBTIQ+ Health Australia

Rhetoric during the recent Australian election campaign directly targeted and attacked trans women, bringing the issue of trans misogyny into the national spotlight.

Co-hosted by LGBTIQ+ Health Australia and Zoe Belle Gender Collective, the panel brings five trans women in leadership positions together to discuss trans misogyny as a driver of violence and how this harmful campaign has adversely impacted trans women, their families and communities.

The live panel webinar will be on Zoom at 3:00pm AEST on Thursday 16 June

This is an opportunity for allies and the LGBTIQA+ service sector to listen to the voices of trans women and learn how to better identify and respond to trans misogyny.

The LGBTIQ+ Health Australia team will offer practical tips and guidance for both services and allies in including trans women in our work toward gender equality.


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