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Here’s a link to the press release, thanks to Anna Brown of the Human Rights Law Centre.

And unfortunately this is NOT a done deal. Thanks to The Age for a misleading headline.

According to Anna:

We should not underestimate the job ahead of us ensuring the passage of the legislation in the upper house. There will needed to be some concerted and strategic lobbying

Anna asks if anyone is willing to contribute personal stories and/or meet with MPs or media to contact Lee Carnie.


There’s good news for anyone who needs to change their birth certificate in Victoria.

Attorney-General Martin Pakula said that under the changes, adults could apply to alter the sex recorded on their Victorian birth registration and birth certificate.

Children’s certificates can also be altered by parents (with consent of the child). Those over 16 have automatic capacity to consent.

And not only that, adults don’t have to divorce anymore, a major sticking point for many in the community. Historically this was so spouses couldn’t sue doctors, but most recently it’s because of so-called “illegal” same sex marriages (which is a whole other can of worms; seriously, who cares who marries whom?).

It’s a step forward and a long time coming. We hope one day gender markers aren’t used against people here and around the world, because frankly, it’s such an arbitrary marker and used to pigeonhole people.

It’s a grand second decade of the 21st century is it not?

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