VIC: Learn to Row October 2022 (Women, Trans & Gender Diverse)

Women, trans and gender diverse folk, you’re invited to join our Learn to Row this October, which is *exclusively* for you.

Come and learn the basic skills & rowing technique, and by the end of the program, decide if you want to further develop your interest in rowing with us! As a club that has a majority queer cis male membership, we’re excited to continue to be a space for more diverse groups and increase access to a club that provides community and for it to be a place for all members of the lgbtqia+ community to belong.

This program is being offered at $99, halving our typical pricing as part of our commitment to become a space where more women, trans & GSD folk feel comfortable to enjoy rowing. If you would like to participate and require financial support, please reach out!

This LTR will be delivered by women and gender diverse members as well as some of our favourite cis male members. Please reach out if you have any questions or read more and sign-up at 

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