Transnational Queer Underground


Starting in January 2016, Transnational Queer Underground (TQU) will embark on a big project.

And for that they need your input!

Your fashion, recipes, zines, articles, photos, movies, dances, documentaries, texts, crafts, installations, videos, interviews, music, drawings, poems, reviews, short films, pictures, games, comics, tattoos,…

Share your story!

At TQU they want to show the other sides of history. Our sides. Region by region, they’ll explore the ways desires are created, gender roles are defined and how we build family structures and communities. They’ll introduce individuals, groups and organizations that want to share their perspectives, realities and ways of living through different forms of art and writing.

 Background: The history of queers, especially queer POCs, has been widely neglected in the past and is still underrepresented in the present. This is a small attempt towards changing that.

TQU want to criticize racism, classism, ableism, sexism, hetero/homonormativity and other forms of oppression by each using our preferred means of expression (drawing, writing, singing, painting, photos, comics, films, etc.) in order to connect with each other and exchange our ideas and experiences.

At TQU they understand the term ‘queer’ as a (self-)description for people or groups of people who do not conform to heteronormative rules and/or feel uncomfortable with categories implemented through a heteronormative society. At the same time ‘queer’ (as well as ‘LGBTIAQ’, ‘feminism’, and many other terms) mostly describe white/western concepts that don’t work for everyone. Feel free to use your own terms and/or other forms of expression.

Let’s show our complexity, variety, creativity and powers. 

All formats are accepted. There is no limit to length and number of contributions that we’ll publish for each region.

What TQU looking for: 

Your take on the world

Possible topics may include, but are definitely not limited to:

  • How do you experience/live (your) sex/gender in your community?
  • How is that different from the mainstream/dominant society?
  • Are there other genders in your society?
  • What terms are used for people with different sexualities?
  • How does your sexuality affect your life/the lives of others?
  • What does family mean to you?
  • What concepts of family do you have (monogamy, poly-, divorce, abuse, people who live together, sexual partners outside of the family you live in, other traditional forms, etc.)?
  • How do you experience race/culture/religion in your community and outside of it?
  • What are the most dominant discriminatory structures that you have experienced personally and what ways do you have for dealing with them?
  • Where do you have power/privileges, where not?
  • Suggestions for any relevant texts, artists, musicians, community organizers, activists, events, etc. from your region/community that you want more people to know about are also always welcome.


Contributions and suggestions for contributions may be made from anywhere at any time, but TQU are going to be focusing on a different region each month. This is the schedule they’ve drawn up for the time being, though we might have to adapt it as we see fit over time:


February – Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand ■︎ March – The Caribbean ■︎ April – Central America ■︎ May – Central Asia ■︎ June – East Africa ■︎ July – East Asia ■︎ August – Eastern Europe ■︎ September – Melanesia ■︎ October – Micronesia ■︎ November – Central Africa ■︎ December – North Africa


January – North America ■︎ February – Northern Europe ■︎ March – Polynesia ■︎ April – South America ■︎ May – Southeast Asia ■︎ June – Southern Africa ■︎ July – South Asia ■︎ August – Southern Europe ■︎ September – West Africa ■︎ October – Western Asia ■︎ November – Western Europe

All accepted contributions will be published on

TQU are planning on organizing exhibitions and readings in different locations

Have your say! :D

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