Transgender adults’ knowledge, attitudes, and experiences with speech pathology services in regional Australia

Basics – by Rose Moore

Transgender individuals’ knowledge, experiences and perceptions of speech pathology services is an under researched area.  For this research,
James Cook University are asking participants to complete an anonymous on-line survey which specifically explores transgender adults’ knowledge, attitudes and experiences with speech pathology services, particularly in regional Australia.  

Combining your perspective with that of others will enable us to identify common themes, as well as areas of interest or concern regarding speech pathology within the transgender community. Your information will also enable us to obtain a better understanding of how, as speech pathologists, we can provide relevant services that will benefit the transgender community.

All participants’ responses are completely anonymous and are very much appreciated.

Ethics approval has been granted for this project (Approval Number H7746) and full information, including contact details, are provided on the first page of the survey. 


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