Transdemic: Trans Experiences of the Global Pandemic

The team from Transgender Warriors is running a spin-off podcast called Transdemic: Trans Experiences of the Global Pandemic and they want to interview you!

Email to arrange a phone interview. Interviews will occur between 4th and 9th June 2020 via zoom or skype, or feel free to email them a voice recording about any of the following topics:

EPISODE 1. Trans healthcare and experiences of disability during the pandemic.
EPISODE 2. Policing the pandemic: Trans experiences of the ban on public gatherings, access to gender-affirming allied care like electrolysis, the ban on sex work, policing of minority communities and trans experience of prison in the pandemic.
EPISODE 3. Social isolation and love online: Trans experiences of connecting online with friends, family, romance and casual hookups. EPISODE 4. Trans home/lessness: Trans peoples positive and negative experiences of home, including creating positive spaces through art/creativity and music and aromatherapy, and trans experiences of being stuck at home with their families of origin, family violence or not having a home at all.

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