Thorne Harbour COVID19 Resources for the LGBTIQ Community

Thorne Harbour Health have put together an extensive resource collection for the community to access for support during this time. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly changed our everyday lives. It’s impacted how we work, how we live, and how we interact with each other. We have quickly adapted so we can continue to deliver essential services while also protecting the health and wellbeing of our clients, staff, and volunteers. Check out the Services Update for more information.

There are steps we can all adopt to prevent the onward transmission of COVID-19. Check out The Basics for some of these strategies as well as links to additional resources.

While COVID-19 affects us all, we know it’s impacting us in different ways. We’ve developed a pages addressing some of the unique concerns for our communities.


Reliable information is important as we continue to respond to COVID-19. You can best stay up to date via the Victorian Department of Health website. It’s frequently updated with information and resources.. Check out the DHHS website

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