Things you should learn about Genderqueer peeps

infodeskTrans people seem to be pushing at the edges of the mainstream thanks to TV featuring people like Caitlin Jenner and Laverne Cox, and the portrayal of a Trans woman by Jeffrey Tambor on the show Transparent.

But Genderqueer people are the latest to be left behind; and you can see the progression of grudging acceptance of GLBTI people, starting with gays, then lesbians, bisexual and trans.

Arguably acceptance is improved by two things: exposure and information.

To that end, Meg Zulch writes on the things people should know about Genderqueer on Bustle, and it makes for interesting reading.

“As someone who identifies as non-binary, this persisting widespread ignorance is important to me. My gender identity and the way I choose to present myself constantly puts me at the fringe of conversation and causes people to distance themselves from their understanding of my existence.”

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