“They” is a singluar pronoun

newspaperPronoun progress in the Washington Post this week, with the news they’ve adopted “They” as a first person singular pronoun.

There was one change, though, that I knew would cause controversy. For many years, I’ve been rooting for — but stopping short of employing — what is known as the singular they as the only sensible solution to English’s lack of a gender-neutral third-person singular personal pronoun. (Everyone has theirown opinion about this.) He once filled that role, but a male default hasn’t been palatable for decades. Using she in a sort of linguistic affirmative action strikes me as patronizing. Alternating he and she is silly, as are he/she, (s)heand attempts at made-up pronouns. The only thing standing in the way ofthey has been the appearance of incorrectness — the lack of acceptance among educated readers.

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