The scourge of equality

512px-Frown_(4379487517)In the Age newspaper today is a report about the STOP SAFE Schools Coalition, an apparently new group presumably against making schools safe for everyone who attends.

Their Facebook page explains their manifesto:

A page to get real information about the Australian Governments “Safe Schools Coalition” initiative and the danger it presents to all children.

SSSC have posted on their Facebook page that their members should purchase tickets for Minus18’s Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal.

PLEASE go and buy a ticket or tickets. The more tickets sold to us the more youth we protect. They are non refundable unfortunately so if you are then unable to attend you can’t get your money back or a ticket sold to someone else

Presumably this is in order to save youth from the scourge of equality, to protect them from the terror of dancing with one-another in a drug and alcohol free, well run environment.

Micah Scott, Minus18’s chief has this to say about SSSC:

“… this is a group of adults trying to take that away from a marginalised group of young people who already feel bullying and discrimination.”

Micah also makes a request for people with the cash to purchase full-price tickets ($40) to ensure kids get a chance to get along to the event:

“We have capacity of 500 people [to participate in the formal], but the more donations we receive and the earlier those donations come in, the more capacity we have to expand the capacity of the venue.”

The event is to be held on April 9 and is open to anyone under 21.

So what do you say, GQA readers? There’s over 1000 of you, so there’s got to be some of you out there willing and able to help? Because not only will you have the warm fuzzy feeling of helping kids in our community, and also be giving some fingers to the Trolls of the SSSC.

Buy tickets for the formal for yourself or someone you know on the Minus18 site.

Or donate toward tickets on the website.

Read the full article on The Age.

(Disclaimer: my partner once worked with Minus18)

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