The burn!

Cheering_Students_(3638664077)It looks like all the shouting at Safe Schools Coalition by the arch-conservative elements in the Liberal Party (together with other commentators) has backfired spectacularly.

The Guardian today reports that 32 new schools nationwide have signed-up for the programme, with only one withdrawing due to outside pressure.

“Since the announcement of the review there has been a spike in school membership nationally, with an additional 32 schools becoming registered and only one school deciding to withdraw from the program,” a spokeswoman for the Safe Schools program told Guardian Australia.

This is a great result, and can only go to show that safe schools are good schools. It also reminds me of the backfire over the recent Minus18 Same Sex and Gender Diverse formal, which far from preventing kids from attending, actually doubled their budget and were able to move to a bigger venue.

Read the full article on The Guardian website


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