TGV’s Transgender Day Of Remembrance

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International Transgender Day of Remembrance commemorates those transgender men and women and gender diverse people who are murdered each year as the result of transphobic hate. In Australia mercifully we don’t have (m)any transphobic murders but our trans and gender diverse community suffers from transphobia resulting in high levels of suicide, mental illness and substance abuse. The No campaign against ME have promoted transphobia as a mechanism to push their cause.

Transgender Victoria has decided that an important action to combat transphobia, is to enlist the support of allies. For TDOR they are specifically enlisting the support of faith based communities who support the TGD community.

Please join TGV at the beautiful Bargoonga Nagjin community room at the North Fitzroy library to mark this solemn occasion. People of all or no genders are welcome as are people of any or no faith. In attendance we have confirmed religious leaders from Christian, Jewish and Buddhist traditions. Others are welcome to join.

TGV recognises that faith based communities have largely stood in opposition to the TGD community. However those in attendance firmly support our community and several have provided generous donations to TGV in the past

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