TGV Interviews to Help Improve Aged Care Services (VIC)

Want to help improve aged care services and earn a $50 voucher?

Transgender Victoria is seeking people who identify as part of the rainbow (LGBTIQA+) communities (resident in Australia), with our focus being on those who are trans/ gender diverse/non binary and/or bisexual+ for interviews about the aged care system and services.

You could be a consumer, a carer, a friend or an aged care worker. These interviews will form part of the submission by the National LGBTI Health Alliance to the Royal Commission into Aged Care. The interviews will be conducted via phone or video call by a member of Transgender Victoria’s team, then summarised and de-identified before being forwarded to the Health Alliance. They cover 6 questions and are expected to take about half an hour, for which you will receive a $50 food voucher.

Please get in touch with Sally via

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