The Glass Den
What was Pentridge Prison is now the Glass Den Neighbourhood Bar & Food, which has two gender neutral single-stall toilets for everyone to use.
All gender restroom project
By Shoreline Community College This is a downloadable PDF from the Shoreline Community College which details their research and attempts to set up all gender restrooms (bathrooms/toilets) in their college. From the introduction: For many, the idea that a regular public restroom can be a source of constant stress and even a place of danger is almost unheard of. But for some, it is common knowledge. Discrimination on the basis of gender presentation has been …
Why are gender neutral toilets important?
Latest News
It’s a sad fact that the simple act of going to the toilet can be incredibly difficult for those people who don’t meet gender expectations. That includes Genderqueer, Gender Questioning and Transgender people. You can be abused, ridiculed and in certain cases, physically injured by people who reject your right to use the toilet. Here’s some videos which explain the issues.
Gender neutral toilets – a thesis
By Matthew Kopas Matthew Kopas of the University of Washington wrote a thesis on Gender Neutral toilets back in 2012. In the United States, gender separation is the norm for public bathrooms. As one of the few remaining public spaces that are regularly explicitly segregated by gender, bathrooms are often experienced as sites of symbolic and physical exclusion by transgender and gender non-conforming people. While the context is American, the underlying logic applies wherever you are. …