Transitioning female-to-male in Australia
By FTM Australia Transitioning female-to-male in Australia is chock full of information and advice, explaining many facets of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, in language you can understand. This friendly guidebook gives you the information you need to take charge of your own process to make this transition as comfortable and healthy as possible. Scroll down to reserve and borrow Leave your details in the form at the bottom to reserve or …
He did it her way: Carlotta, legend of Les Girls
By James Cockington For 26 years from 1963 Carlotta was the undisputed queen of Kings Cross — the legend of Les Girls, a landmark theatre restaurant where all the women on stage are really drag queens. He Did It Her Way is a fascinating and often hilarious journey into her world as a performer and transexual who started life as a Balmain boy and went on to have one of the fist sex change operations …
My Story
By Caroline Cossey Caroline ‘Tula’ Cossey was born a boy. Now she is a beautiful woman with a successful modeling career. My Story is Tula’s candid account of her struggles: her troubled childhood in northern England, her dreams of becoming a woman, the operations that liberated her sexually, and the journey from chorus gurl to James Bond girl to top international model. My Story is the tale of a woman’s battle for the body she needed to …
Katherine’s Diary
By Katherine Cummings In 1986 John Cummings became Katherine Cummings and a while life changed. In this painfully honest account of John’s transformation into a woman, Katerhine tells of years of fantasizing and cross-dressing behind locked doors, of the betrayal felt by her family and the final relief of surgery. Katherine’s Diary covers a lifetime of self-discovery and self-destruction with acerbic wit and crisp observation. Scroll down to reserve and borrow Leave your details in the form …
The Testosterone Files
By Max Wolf Valerio Max Valerio’s observations about transitioning from a lesbian to a heterosexual male both challenge and confirm our assumptions about gender. As Valerio undergoes the physical and emotional changes associated with testosterone treatment, he is intrigued by his eye-opening discoveries about the nature of masculinity and femininity. Raw, gripping and poetic, The Testosterone Files offers a perspective on men and women that only someone who’s lived in both skins can speak to …
Sally’s Story: A coming of age tale (Video)
By Mark Andersson Self-proclaimed bi-sexual transgender Jewish cowgirl Sally Goldner tells her story of self- discovery, as she navigates the gender path on the way to her 45th birthday. A coming of age tale and personal portrait of inspiring Melbourne transgendered woman Sally Goldner: activist, drummer, singer/songwriter, stand-up comic and radio DJ. Review I watched Sally’s Story at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival in 2012 and actually knowing Sally, albeit as an acquaintance in the …
Orlando’s Sleep
By Jennifer Spry This autobiography explores the complex issues of gender identity, beginning with John Spry’s boyhood in Australia, through marriage and ultimately to her coming out as Jennifer, a transgendered lesbian. As a child Spry cherished the moments when he was left alone at home so he could dress up in his mother’s clothes; in adolescence he tried hard to prove his manhood by competitive sailing and heavy drinking. When even marriage and fatherhood …
My Gender Workbook
By Kate Bornstein From the moment we take our first breath (and sometimes even before that, what with sonic imaging technology), the cry “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” ushers us into this world. My Gender Workbook enables the reader to explore what it means to be a man or a woman, and to offer a middle-ground which is self-identified and comfortable. Scroll down to reserve and borrow Leave your details in the form …
By Marian Pitts, Hunter Mulcare, Samantha Croy, Anne Mitchell, Sunil L. Patel, Murray Couch This research has its beginnings in an act of transgender activism, arising as it did out of dissatisfaction with the capacity of the 2005 Private Lives project to capture the complexity of transgender lives. A central pivot in the concerns of the transgender communities about health services is that of recognition. Download PDF from GLHV
Transgenders and Intersexuals
By Lois May Approximately one person out of every hundred is born intersexed to some degree but doesn’t necessarily know it. The incidence is only slightly less than twinning, which occurs about once in every eighty births. Book donated by boigrrlwonder and Toni P. Scroll down to reserve and borrow Leave your details in the form at the bottom to reserve or borrow, and then return the book next month. Simple!