Expressions of interest for LGBTI Community Grants
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Equality Website | LGBTI Community Grants Program 2016 – 17 Guidelines We’ve been contacted by the Department of Premier and Cabinet office in Victoria to publicise the LGBTI community grants programme. It’s a one million dollar (over 4 years) grant available to any LGBTI group to help strengthen groups, volunteers and their work. Expressions of interest can be sent, after reading through the  LGBTI Community Grants Program 2016 – 17 Guidelines, and an information session is being run: …
Inside Out – network of LGBTIQ people both inside and outside prisons
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Inside Out are a new Australia-wide grassroots group aiming to build a network of LGBTIQ people both inside and outside prisons. Incarceration can be an isolating experience for LGBTIQ people. We want to create a sense of community across the walls, amplify the voices of prisoners  and provide access to information, community news and resources. We will be producing a quarterly newsletter with content by and for LGBTIQ people  (and allies) who are incarcerated. This …
Gender, gender everywhere
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We received a press release from Adult Matchmaker recently regarding their expansion of permissible genders in their system from the traditional Male/Female binary to a far more inclusive list of 31, including Genderqueer, Agender, Transgender, Pangender and Gender non-conforming. They say: While there have been significant leaps forward in trans rights and acceptance in recent years, we appreciate that there is still much work to be done. As more and more trans people share their …
Would you let Cory Bernardi near your kids?
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Today, the Australian government decided they’d have a meeting. And in that meeting a bunch of ministers decided to save the children. Not just any children. The children who would be most hurt by learning that just because you’re different, doesn’t mean you’re someone to fear. They complained mainly about the “appropriateness” of asking school children to consider other viewpoints.
Not so straight
  The Not So Straight website is a resource for young people concerning sexuality and gender. It’s an Australian resource provided through the Gay and Lesbian Counselling service of NSW and MYST (Mountains Youth Services Team) Visit the Not so straight website.