New State guidelines for transgender students and school sport
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Victorian schools will soon have to follow new participation guidelines aimed at tackling discrimination against transgender students in sport. Transgender students are often excluded from girls and boys teams, and can spend years on the sidelines while their classmates play sport. “The department continually ensures that its policies align with anti–discrimination legislation. This includes supporting schools in creating environments where transgender students are not discriminated against in sport.” Read more about it HERE
Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity
by Mattilda Nobody Passes is a collection of essays that confronts and challenges the very notion of belonging. By examining the perilous intersections of identity, categorization, and community, contributors challenge societal mores and countercultural norms. Nobody Passes explores and critiques the various systems of power seen (or not seen) in the act of “passing.” In a pass-fail situation, standards for acceptance may vary, but somebody always gets trampled on. This anthology seeks to eliminate the …
Just a human being
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It’s a sign of how much journalism has changed over the last few years that people in the public aren’t automatically shamed or labelled by the media (although there’s always the comment trolls to take up the slack). A case in point is the Steph Kretowicz‘s interview with American musician Shamir Bailey in online magazine Dummy. The focus is on Shamir’s latest album — Ratchet — and moves slowly and respectfully into more personal territory, including, stunningly …
Documentary – Identity: In & beyond the binary
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Photographer Dave Naz created a documentary while creating the genderqueer beyond the binary photographic book (Rare bird books). This 60 min documentary features trans, genderqueer, butch and queer people interviewed on their varied experiences with gender identity. Addressing topics from hormones to employment to growing up, “Identity” is a series of enlightening and heartfelt interviews. Here’s the full movie, via YouTube.
genderqueer photography
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Photographer Dave Naz was interviewed for the British Journal of Photography about his new book “Genderqueer and other Gender Identities” (Rare Bird publishers). Having the trust of everyone involved in a project like this is a lot of pressure and I didn’t want to let anyone down. I wanted to make sure the work was presented in a sensitive way and wouldn’t come across as exploitative. The book features images taken of all gender non-conforming groups, …
MTV True Life: I’m Genderqueer (previews)
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MTV in the States has the True Life show, which has been airing since 1998, where different people reveal parts of themselves on camera. It hasn’t aired in Australia (and possibly never will), but for those interested in seeing more, here’s three preview scenes from the “I’m Genderqueer” episode, featuring Brennen and Jacob Tobia. Of note: as with everything online and on the subject of gender, the comments on Youtube are not for the especially …
OMG I’m Trans
Minus18 absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of their brand new resource OMG I’m Trans! It’s a resource created by young people, for young people, all about growing up gender diverse/trans. Minus18 put everything they wanted to know about growing up gender diverse into a one stop super pack. It’s a collection of answers, info, and advice to questions we were asking ourselves or needed to know as gender diverse young people. Download OMG I’m Trans Visit Minus18
Bent TV: Trans-mission (Gem)
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For more information about Bent TV Incorporated, please visit: Synopsis For this last episode of Trans-mission, Nate Reid is joined by Gem, who among other things works with Genderqueer Australia. Very interesting to hear Gem talk about the definitions of Gender queer and the issue of ‘not being trans enough’ for either the community or to get the right medical treatment. Another fascinating personal and yet political story. Trailer
Genderqueer Chicago
Genderqueer Chicago maintains a blog and holds weekly meetings for Genderqueer peeps in the Chicago area. They also welcome contributions to their blog. a grassroots, peer-led group that works to create safe spaces for all of us to talk about, think about, explore, and express gender. We hold free weekly meetings and events, as well as maintain this blog. The blog is open to anyone who wants to talk or think about gender or …