My white mice have escaped!
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Writing in The Age this week, Bridie Smith, explains how gender matters when doing science. Especially if you’re a mouse. Dr Hill has just completed a review of 710 scientific papers, with the results published this month in the journal Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews. She found just 15 per cent of studies analysed used rodents of both sexes. Of those that did, 80 per cent established there were sex-specific results. In other words, males and …
Genderbread person
By It’s Pronounced Metrosexual The genderbread person has had an upgrade! There are two big differences from v2 to the most recent v3: separating romantic & sexual attraction, and the labeling of the continua. I’m also sharing it here with a more simplified version that I encourage folks to use for Powerpoints or to supplement any articles they’re writing, where the additional verbiage isn’t necessary. The Genderbread Person v3: a helpful visual aid for explaining gender …
The gender book
The Gender Book is an online resource that discusses and demystifies gender, a “gender 101” if you like. It is a community funded and edited resource. We looked for a 101 book and didn’t see one yet. So we set out to make our own. At time of writing, they’ve completed a second run of 500 copies. The gender book website View the Gender Book online