Grant Requests
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We’ve received a message asking if we are able to offer grants to organisations. The short answer is “No”. We’re simply not large enough. But there’s a number of organisations and government departments that do. Here’s a couple we found with a quick Google search: Victorian Government LGBTI grants GALFA Globe Melbourne
Legal and Visa enquiries
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GQA does occasionally receive contact regarding legal and visa matters. Unfortunately we’re unable to advise on these subjects, but you can try contacting: Transgender Victoria Fitzroy Legal Service If these organisations can’t help you, they can point you to someone who can.
Placement enquiries & volunteers
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We sometimes receive queries from Social Sciences students regarding Placement opportunities. The quick answer is “Sorry, we can’t help you”. The long answer is that GQA is entirely volunteer run, and only operates the website and monthly catch-ups. That said, if you’d like to volunteer your time we’re looking for people who can contribute articles to the site. Let us know if you’re interested through the contact page.
Genderbread person
By It’s Pronounced Metrosexual The genderbread person has had an upgrade! There are two big differences from v2 to the most recent v3: separating romantic & sexual attraction, and the labeling of the continua. I’m also sharing it here with a more simplified version that I encourage folks to use for Powerpoints or to supplement any articles they’re writing, where the additional verbiage isn’t necessary. The Genderbread Person v3: a helpful visual aid for explaining gender …