I am J
By Chris Beam J had always felt different. He was certain that eventually everyone would understand who he really was: a boy mistakenly born as a girl. Yet as he grew up, his body began to betray him; eventually J stopped praying to wake up a “real boy” and started covering up his body, keeping himself invisible — from his family, from his friends… from the world. But after being deserted by the best friend …
From the inside out
Edited by Morty Diamond Born female yet not identifying with that gender assignment, these writers illuminate the experiences of those who identify as FTM (Female to Male), and those whose gender is more fluid, genderqueers and thirdgenders. Exploring many aspects of gender identity change, from dating to disclosure to family issues, these stories, essays and poems offer heartfelt insight into the dynamics of identity politics and the definition of self. Book donated by boigrrlwonder Scroll …
Stone Butch Blues
by Leslie Feinberg Winner of the American Library Association Gay & Lesbian book award and the Lambada Literary award. Woman or man? This internationally acclaimed novel looks at the world through the eyes of Jess Goldberg, a masculine girl growing up in the “Ozzie and Harriet” McCarthy era and coming out as a young butch lesbian in the pre-Stonewall gay drag bars of a blue-collar town. Stone Butch Blues traces a propulsive journey, powerfully evoking …
Jaco Erasmus takes the reins of the Monash Gender Clinic
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For some it will be news that Fintan Harte stepped down as head of the Monash Gender Dysphoria Clinic at the end of 2015. His replacement, Jaco Erasmus has this to say about the challenge of his new role: I do realise that I am taking over the reins during very challenging times. With increased demand for our services, and inadequate human and financial resources, our current waiting list is unacceptably long. He also makes a …
Gender Identity is Inside Every One of Us
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Today in The Age, commentator Bronwyn Winter laments the problems of socially imposed gender roles. I would like to live in a world where ‘male’ and ‘female’ cease to be categories of social distinction, to the considerable advantage of those labelled ‘male’ and the considerable disadvantage of those labelled ‘female’. And this sounds like a great idea. However, she then goes on to conflate gender identity as imposed by society, and gender identity as known …
Stand by your Man (And Stay Sane in the Process!)
Edited by Craig Andrews This book has been produced by FTM Australia (also known as Men’s Ts Resources in Australia) to provide clear and reassuring information, to dispel disturbing myths, and to share the thoughts and experiences of others in situations similar to yours. Scroll down to reserve and borrow Leave your details in the form at the bottom to reserve or borrow, and then return the book next month. Simple!
Inflatable penis
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Mohammed Abad fell under a car as a child and dragged 600 feet. He’s had 119 operations to salvage his penis, but until an 8 inch inflatable implant was added, he wasn’t able to have an erection. David Pescovitz from BoingBoing comments: The implant was the culmination of years of reconstructive surgery. These kinds of implants are commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction. But far from being a rare surgery, it’s performed all the time, as Trans-health.com notes: …
Transmen of WA
Transmen of WA is a social and support network for the Trans* and gender diverse community in Western Australia. They have several hidden spaces on Facebook, hold professionally facilitated in-person support groups and organise social events. There are currently four online hidden/secret support spaces; one for transmen and assigned female at birth gender diverse people, Parents of Trans*, Partners of FTM’s and a new sister group for MTF’s. Please contact through any of the following …
Transitioning female-to-male in Australia
By FTM Australia Transitioning female-to-male in Australia is chock full of information and advice, explaining many facets of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, in language you can understand. This friendly guidebook gives you the information you need to take charge of your own process to make this transition as comfortable and healthy as possible. Scroll down to reserve and borrow Leave your details in the form at the bottom to reserve or …
The Testosterone Files
By Max Wolf Valerio Max Valerio’s observations about transitioning from a lesbian to a heterosexual male both challenge and confirm our assumptions about gender. As Valerio undergoes the physical and emotional changes associated with testosterone treatment, he is intrigued by his eye-opening discoveries about the nature of masculinity and femininity. Raw, gripping and poetic, The Testosterone Files offers a perspective on men and women that only someone who’s lived in both skins can speak to …