All gender restroom project
By Shoreline Community College This is a downloadable PDF from the Shoreline Community College which details their research and attempts to set up all gender restrooms (bathrooms/toilets) in their college. From the introduction: For many, the idea that a regular public restroom can be a source of constant stress and even a place of danger is almost unheard of. But for some, it is common knowledge. Discrimination on the basis of gender presentation has been …
Revised Monash Health GDC Info Pack
Latest News
The Monash Health Gender Dysphoria Clinic (Formerly known as Southern Health Gender Clinic, and Monash Gender Clinic) has released a new version of their customer information pack. A number of staff at the GDC have worked to make the document more accurately reflect current procedures and to use more sensitive language. It contains: A one page summary of the referral pathway An eight page information pack and client details form A list of contacts for private …
Nondescrimination guide for journalists
By GLAAD GLAAD have put together a comprehensive guide for reporting on Transgender issues for those in the media and indeed anywhere else. President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis writes: Despite the growing number of positive depictions of transgender people in the media, myths and stereotypes continue to appear in news stories, particularly when it comes to the vital legal protections that transgender people – and the larger LGBT community – still lack… Click to …
Trans Student Equality Resources
The TSER site has a great set of infographics for use by sex and gender diverse peeps (that is, gender-questioning, genderqueer AND trans people). TSER’s trans-related infographic series. We encourage you to share and print these graphics! Below are the released infographics and corresponding references. You are free to use these graphics in any manner (even commercially) as long as they include credit and are not altered. You may also want to check out our Trans …
Gender neutral toilets – a thesis
By Matthew Kopas Matthew Kopas of the University of Washington wrote a thesis on Gender Neutral toilets back in 2012. In the United States, gender separation is the norm for public bathrooms. As one of the few remaining public spaces that are regularly explicitly segregated by gender, bathrooms are often experienced as sites of symbolic and physical exclusion by transgender and gender non-conforming people. While the context is American, the underlying logic applies wherever you are. …
Build your own transition path!
By The Freedom Centre The Freedom Centre operates a Tumblr onto which they add great material, like the Build Your Own Transition Path image, which you can download from the link below. FC Yeah!, Build your own transition path!
Hormone treatment of children
By Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne Doctors from the Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic in Melbourne have written this article for the Medical Journal of Australia regarding hormone treatment of children and adolescents. The objectives were to study the effects of hormones in this group of people and report findings. Medical journal of Australia Hormone treatment GID in children article Download PDF
International journal of transgenderism
WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) has made their first seven journals available for download. This great source of research and information is of benefit to professionals who work with gender questioning, genderqueer or transgender people. Warning: graphic images of surgery on some articles WPATH website Download journals
Genderbread person
By It’s Pronounced Metrosexual The genderbread person has had an upgrade! There are two big differences from v2 to the most recent v3: separating romantic & sexual attraction, and the labeling of the continua. I’m also sharing it here with a more simplified version that I encourage folks to use for Powerpoints or to supplement any articles they’re writing, where the additional verbiage isn’t necessary. The Genderbread Person v3: a helpful visual aid for explaining gender …