Survey on Dimensions of LGBTIQ+ Identity, and its Associations with Prejudice and Health

The research project investigates the different aspects or dimensions of LGBTIQ+ identity and how they relate to experiences of prejudice and overall health and well-being.

Specifically, this research study aims to explore how LGBTIQ+ individuals evaluate the importance of their identity to their overall sense of self, and whether or not this evaluation impacts how LGBTIQ+ individuals experience stigma, prejudice, discrimination, health, well-being, and other identity-relevant processes. We have found that the LGBTIQ+ community has typically been under-represented in this area of research, especially when differentiating each of the specific sexual minority or gender-diverse identities that fall under the LGBTIQ+ umbrella, thus we aim to address this within the current research study.

To find out more visit the online survey page HERE.

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