Survey about sex education

A small, sex-positive company need your help. They are looking for respondents worldwide to respond to this survey about sex education – what you were taught, what you weren’t and how you communicate about sex. The survey takes about 15 minutes, and they are specifically seeking input and experiences from the genderqueer community, to understand how sex education might be done better, in a way that can kickstart a more fluid, diverse and pleasure-focussed conversation. That’s important, because so many vital voices have been left out, for so long, to establish this unhelpful idea that only certain things are ‘normal.’

The information you provide will help to create a programme of education that is better tailored to what people need now, based on what they feel is missing or what they worry about.

For almost every question, you have the ability to say you’re not comfortable answering. But remember it’s an anonymous survey and your answers will really help start to build a picture of what people want and need to start having healthy conversations about sex and their own sexuality.

Here is the link to the survey

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