Suffer the parents

Couch Balloons by Tequask,
Couch Balloons by Tequask,

So let’s call them Maddy and Mike. They could be anyone of course.

According to an article in Essential Baby, Maddy and Mike did a “gender reveal” party to let their friends and family know the gender of the child Maddy was carrying. They asked their doctor to write a note for a balloon seller; the balloons in the box were supposed to correspond to the gender of the child.

So imagine their heartache when the balloons that came out were multicoloured!

There was a video to accompany the unveiling too. The parents were shocked and dismayed. Their other child was looking at the pretty balloons rising majestically into the sky, enjoying the moment, because that’s what balloons are for.

Mike said:

“We were both really upset about it. We went from being really upset and sad, to furious.”

They found the note from the doctor inside the box, so all was not lost.

And to make things all normal again, the guests rallied around and filled the box with coloured decorations that western society determines represents the child’s genitalia. Then they taped it up so the parents could run the process again.

But apparently it wasn’t quite the same.


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