Seeking Research Participants

Seeking Research Participants- Supporting SSAGD Young People of Multicultural and Multifaith Backgrounds: A Case Study Approach

1280px-Rainbow_flag_breeze-1280x430Seeking SSAGD young people from diverse CALD and faith backgrounds for an interview as part of research that will inform future policy and practice.

The research project is a case study analysis of the needs of SSAGD (same-sex attracted and gender diverse) young people, aged 16-24, of multicultural and multifaith backgrounds, and how these needs can be addressed by their cultural and religious communities. The outcomes of this research include presenting a suite of options (opportunities, strategies, actions and/or recommendations) to the Department of Premier and Cabinet to improve the health and well-being of multicultural multifaith SSAGD young people.

Interviews will be conducted at a time and place convenient to participants.

Also, do you know of  any multifaith and multicultural community leaders who would be interested in talking about SSAGD needs in their services and programs?

Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli
Senior Lecturer in Social Diversity in Health and Education
School of Health and Social Development
Deakin University
Mobile: + 61 414 804 529

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