Sally’s Story: A coming of age tale (Video)

sallys-storyBy Mark Andersson

Self-proclaimed bi-sexual transgender Jewish cowgirl Sally Goldner tells her story of self- discovery, as she navigates the gender path on the way to her 45th birthday. A coming of age tale and personal portrait of inspiring Melbourne transgendered woman Sally Goldner: activist, drummer, singer/songwriter, stand-up comic and radio DJ.


I watched Sally’s Story at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival in 2012 and actually knowing Sally, albeit as an acquaintance in the gender community, I was struck by how honest her story was. It probably sounds trite, but there’s a certain manner of communicating that reveals rather than hides. Sally loves a lot of things, including wrestling and is an accomplished stand-up comedian, but the interesting thing is she has a story which is not the “same old trans story” that seems to be churned out for titillation rather than communication (the difference being the former gets people’s interest with sensationalised and stereotypical story lines of boy to girl and princesses, while the latter actually informs and expands the conversation). It takes courage to put yourself out there like Sally does on a daily basis (she was recently held to be one of the 100 most influential Melburnians) and this is another service she’s done for the community in Melbourne, around Australia and indeed, the world.

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