Safe Space Circle

Basics -  by Rose Moore
Basics – by Rose Moore

The following event was posted in Gender Diversity Australia (GenDA) on Facebook, and will be taking place this Wednesday 24th August, from 6.30pm – 8.30pm in Coburg (Melbourne).

Event description:
“This is a safe space for genderqueer, transgender and non-binary people to share their experiences and feelings in a supportive nonjudgmental environment with a cup of tea.

The focus is mostly on our journeys living within the cisgender/heteronormative world, including our relationships with people and to our own bodies and sexualities, but there is space to speak on anything happening in your life that you want to share!

We will start with short introductions, and then move into sharing.

Sharing involves a set amount of time (approximately 8 minutes, depending on group size) for each person to talk. You will not be questioned or interrupted and there is no obligation to share. The intention is to invite ourselves to be authentic in a place where it will be respected and heard, without comment or critique. This often results in relief and a sense of solidarity.

After those who want to share have done so we will do a round of gratitudes, where each person reflects on something that another has said which resonated with them.

This circle is confidential, meaning that what is shared within the circle is not spoken of outside the circle without explicit consent”

The organiser of this event, Archie Barry, is an artist and a teacher, and has facilitated workshops on communication skills at festivals and professional development events, as well as having attended women’s circles in the past, where they’ve felt out of place but appreciated the benefits of listening and sharing the truth.


Please note that this is a private event for safety reasons:
If you would like to attend please send Archie Barry a private message for the address or add them as a friend and they will “invite” you to the Facebook event.

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