Research study addressing LGBT+ elderly loneliness and care robots

If you over 65 and identify as LGBT+, then our research study might interest you.

Adam Poulsen, a PhD student at Charles Sturt University, is leading a voluntary study about ageing LGBT+ persons, loneliness, and care robots. The study is investigating the potential for care robots to help reduce loneliness, as well as exploring a new way to design care robots so they are customised to each person.

In participating in this study, you would be joined in on some of your day-to-day activities for a few hours. You may share some of the day outside over a coffee, at a community centre, or wherever else you feel most comfortable. While together with the researcher they might take some notes on anything they observe about your experience as an ageing LGBT+ person, your values, your needs and wants in care, and any other related information. Participating also involves answers some interview questions about those things just mentioned, for an hour or so. You would only need to answer the questions to your comfort level.

Please visit the research study website – – to get more details about the study, get an information statement with further details on the study, and to participate. Alternatively, you can phone, text, or email Adam on the details below:

Adam Poulsen
Computer Scientist & Postgraduate Student
Charles Sturt University, Port Macquarie NSW, Australia
Student ID:11516540
Ph: 0481082211

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