Research of Queer Refugee Women

Tina Dixson is conducting a PhD research about the lived experiences of queer refugee women viewed through the lens of trauma and agency.

Queer refugee women are often left invisible and on the margins in both refugee and queer communities. With the research, Tina is aiming not only to create unique knowledge, but a community where women like herself belong, and where their experiences are shared and understood.

She is currently looking for participants to join. There are 3 main criteria: 1) identifying as a woman (this includes being/identifying as a transgender person); 2) identifying as queer, lesbian, same-sex attracted, bisexual, homosexual (and identifying as heterosexual for transgender women), and 3) currently seeking or having sought asylum in Australia because of the persecution on the grounds of your gender or sexuality (this does not have to be a primary reason).

The research will involve regular meetings and informal conversations. Locality in Australia is not a problem.

If you are interested or know someone who is interested, please email Tina at


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