Research: Living Outside the Binary in Australia

The LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex) community has faced many challenges but in recent times, there has been increased recognition of lesbian and gay people in Australia. However, people who don’t fit into a binary definition of sexuality / gender (non-monosexual / non-binary) have not reached the same level of recognition. As such, they are more vulnerable to victimisation and, despite evidence to suggest that this group may be the largest within the LGBTI community, there is far less research exploring their unique experiences.

This research aims to make the experiences of non-monosexual / non-binary people in Australia visible, particularly in relation to social recognition within the LGBTI community and in mainstream society. The project is being conducted by Misty Farquhar, who will use the results of this research to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy at Curtin University.

If you are attracted to more than one gender / your gender identity is not binary, go here:

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