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Emergent Diversities: Aboriginal Sex and Gender Diversities

This project is a Doctoral research thesis undertaken at the University of Wollongong. This research project will provide an in-depth account of gender diverse Aboriginal peoples by exploring a cross section of Aboriginal gender diverse (LGBTQI) identities and experiences. We are seeking participants who are 18 years and over and who identify as both gender diverse (LGBTQI) and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander

Research conducted by University of Wollongong (PHD Project)
Contact Andrew Farrell

Who Am I

This survey is part of a PhD research project exploring the lives and wellbeing of people who are attracted to their own gender and at least one other gender and/or people who have had sexual experiences with people of their own gender and at least one other gender. Please participate in this survey if you fit these criteria and are over the age of 18 and currently living in Australia. If this is you, completing this survey will help us to increase understanding and awareness of people who very rarely have an opportunity to have their voices heard in our society.

Research conducted by LaTrobe University (PHD Project)
Contact Dr Jennifer Power

Survey on the Proposed Gender Incongruence of Childhood Diagnosis for Transgender Children

This research explores Australian mental health professional’s perceptions of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) proposed inclusion of a Gender Incongruence of Childhood (GIC) diagnosis for transgender children below the age of puberty, in the forthcoming International Classification of Diseases-11th Revision (ICD-11) diagnostic manual.
Responding to this survey is your important opportunity to influence final decisions made by WHO on whether a GIC diagnosis is included or excluded in the ICD -11.

Research conduced by Curtin University (Masters Project)
Contact Claire Goodlet

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