Rebecca Robertson announces the end of transcend

Parent turned advocate/activist by necessity Bec Robertson has been a pioneer in seeking justice and equality for trans* young people and supporting their families. She leaves behind an important legacy for trans kids and their families in Australia. It’s amazing to me how far our society and our families have come in the nine years since my family began at RCH…The landscape is almost unrecognisable and there is so much support available in general. There are new groups and services starting all the time, both funded and grass roots all over the country and that is a great source of strength and inspiration to our community. Nobody needs to feel they are alone. Now is the best time yet to be raising a trans* child despite the remaining challenges. I applaud anyone with the energy and enthusiasm to devote their time to helping others and I support them all the way. But I have run out of puff. Transcend was never meant to last forever, only to the point where it was no longer vital. 

For those wondering where to refer parents see GHFP in the resources section or here