Rainbow Rights and Advocacy

People with an intellectual disability who identify as LGBTIQ are a highly marginalised group in our community. Rainbow Rights and Advocacy is the only self advocacy group run by and for people with an intellectual disability who identify as LGBTIQ in Australia, and possibly the rest of the world, making them not only unique but also ground-breaking.

Since it first started nearly two years ago ,the Rainbow Rights and Advocacy Self Advocacy Group has been involved in many awareness raising activities including an arts exhibition at the Multicultural Hub during the Melbourne Midsumma Festival in 2017 and even more awareness raising activities during Midsumma 2018.

They operate out of the Self Advocacy Resource Centre (SARU) in Ross House (Flinders Lane) and are funded by the Victorian government

Please find a link to the new anthem. Copies of the DVD can be provide if you so wish.

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