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Queerly Represent Me is hosting a fundraiser at Bar SK on July 1st FROM 14:00 TO 22:00. Join them for an afternoon of activities and tea, and support their ongoing work with queer folks working in games.

Activities will include a lucky dip ($10), zine making ($10 to buy a zine, and $5 to make your own), and other crafts. Purchase delicious tea and snack on tasty baked goods for a small donation! You will also be able to play games from our ‘Representing the Underrepresented’ game jam, and can pick up a little merchandise to take home with you.


They are seeking:

– Donations for their lucky dip! Do you have cute mugs you no longer use? Are you a crafty person who makes little bits and pieces? Is there some art you’d be happy to give away? They’re accepting physical donations at Bar SK between now and the event (or bring it along on the day).

– Donations for their bake (not-a-)sale! Do you like baking? Bring something delicious along and pop it beside their conveniently placed donations tin for people to share.


Queerly Represent Me is a consultation and research organisation. They work with companies to consult on their games, events, and studio culture, and use proceeds from these contracts to provide free resources and services to the wider community, particularly to give a voice to queer developers and support the creation of queer content.

They provide individualised consultations and freely available public resources, they maintain a database of games that represent queer perspectives and feature queer content, and provide links to further resources and research. They travel to conferences and conventions to spread their research widely, and make as many of their talks available online as possible.

They aim to help individuals familarise themselves with and access more texts that represent them, and to help aspiring marginalised developers find the confidence to pursue their careers. They also hope to provide allies with resources and support to make the world a better place for marginalised people. Ongoing discussion around representation and diversity is inevitable—and vital—and Queerly Represent Me seeks to be a key voice within this conversation.

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