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Michael from queerscreen.org.au has sent us a message regarding the Mardi Gras Film Festival, where they’re showing Don’t Call Me Son, a film about a Brazilian teenager struggling with his family’s acceptance of his sexual and gender identity.

It’s showing at 7pm, Friday 17th Feb 2017 at the Event Cinemas on George Street

The synopsis for the movie follows:

Pierre is like any rebellious 17-year-old, he’s in a band, sleeps around and parties with friends. He also secretly wears women’s clothing. Raised in a single parent household, his world falls apart overnight when his mother is arrested for stealing him from a hospital as a baby. Suddenly ripped from the family he knows, separated from his sister, he’s thrown into a high-class world with his biological parents, desperate to make up for missed time with their long-lost son. While his new younger brother observes him from a cautious distance, his new parents are desperate to mould him into the version of a son they’d imagined for 17 years – and they don’t like what they see.

​Ticket Link: http://tix.queerscreen.org.au/session_mgff.asp?sn=Don%27t+Call+Me+Son&s=26

The Mardi Gras film festival runs from 15th of February to the 2nd March 2017

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