Queer and Trans Inclusive yoga

The aim of this yoga is for you to feel safe in the space and then maybe experiment with how you want to move your body in the moment. Potentially exploring ways of being in your body and maybe noticing what you feel or do not feel.

All levels and experiences of yoga are welcome. Choices and options are offered, as there’s no right or wrong way to do this yoga. You are invited to experiment with the different ways of moving in your body and explore what works for you in the moment. Classes may include body and breath awareness, linking movement with breath, and breathing (however, all of this is a choice and somethings may resonate with you and some may not – the choice to not do something is always there, as is the choice to do it in your way). Physical assists are not offered.

The studio has mats and other props but feel free to bring your own. There are gender neutral toilets.

Classes are by donation. The money raised is donated to social change organisation, with priority going to Indigenous orgs, refugees and asylum seekers, grassroots orgs and climate change orgs.

If you have any questions please email via the QTI Yoga Facebook page

PLEASE REGISTER if this is your first class or to update info – https://qtiyoga.wufoo.com/forms/z1hd4hg90chh8ve/

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