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Q+ facilitates queer and inclusive events and art activations that come to communities across Australia (particularly those in regional Australia) and connects them with each other.

The Q+ Project (Victoria) is a multi-artform installation featuring the Q+Hub, a reclaimed and architecturally modified shipping container, that will take up a short residency in inner city Melbourne as well as 4 other regional locations across Victoria.

The Q+ Project (Victoria) will connect queer and inclusive communities across Australia, highlight the experience of LGBTQIA+ people from regional areas and bring a fully inclusive event into regional areas where limited opportunities exist to connect with LGBTQIA+ culture. The event hopes to contribute towards the greater retention of LGBTQIA+ people within regional areas and encourage stronger connections between regional and Metropolitan communities.

Q+ is about welcoming a wide range of identities without shame and without exclusion – a place for making connections, expressing creativity, for learning & for regenerating our community!

To find out more visit https://www.facebook.com/Quplus

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