Position Vacants at VAC Equinox Gender Diverse Health Centre

There are two jobs going with the Victorian Aids Council Equinox Gender Diverse Health Centre. They are looking for a General Practitioner and an ATAPS CAREinMIND Clinician.

Equinox is a VAC operated health centre that caters exclusively to the Trans and Gender Diverse (TGD) community.  General Practice, Counselling and Care Recovery Co-ordination  services are currently being offered on site.   The primary objective of Equinox is to reduce the barriers that TGD people face in accessing primary health care services and to contribute to the health and well being of this community. We offer mental health, sexual health, hormone management and a full range of GP services.  Equinox is currently in the process of gaining AGPAL Accreditation.

You can find more info and apply for both roles HERE

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