Participants Needed: Research for X gender markers

Gender Spectrum – by Rose Moore

Chris has come to Australia for a short time to interview people who have acquired or are interested in getting an Australian passport with the gender marker X. This research also extends to people who use or want to use the gender marker X for other documents and identification.

Australia was the first place in the world to issue passports with an X, and this information is looking into why people want these passports (and other documents), how they are being used, and how best to support mobility of people holding these documents throughout the world.

Although Chris won’t be in Australia much longer, they will be continuing the research from afar and would be thrilled to send the questionnaire to (or schedule a skype meeting with) anyone who is able to participate. So, if you happen to be somewhere else in the world and are willing to be involved, please feel free to make contact. 

Please email Chris at they need as many people to participate as possible. Chris is apart of the community and research is being conducted in a safe supportive manner.

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