Airport encounter
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In The Age there’s a report of a Transgender individual being forced to present their packer for inspection by security. Nicole Hasham writes: A transgender airline passenger was forced to remove a genital prosthetic and present it for inspection in a “demeaning” encounter that adds to calls for an overhaul of unnecessary security at Australian airports. The news comes as part of an inquiry into airport security which one Captain commented: many aviation security regulations “tend …
Genderqueer sexual orientation
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There’s a problem of sexual terminology which slaps Genderqueer people in the face on a regular basis. In short, are current terms around sexuality valid for genderqueer people? Homosexual describes two people of the same sex being in a sexual relationship. But if you’re genderqueer, you’re not the same sex as anyone else; you’re neither male or female or outside that binary. It’s Pronounced Metrosexual have published an article on genderqueer sexual orientation, which makes …
Gender fluid clothing choices with Louis Vuitton
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Jaden Smith, son of celebrity Will Smith has been made the “face” of Loius Vuitton women’s wear, because he’s young, hip and wears whatever he likes, whenever he likes. “I’m just expressing how I feel inside, which is really no particular way because everyday it changes how I feel about the world and myself,” Smith told GQ. On the one hand this would appear to be a step forward for clothing choices, and we can …
Support your local Trans* scientist
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Writing in Wired, Shayle Matsuda highlights yet another issue for the differently gendered. Negotiating your body while doing field research is just one of the many challenges that transgender men and women face in science. Yep, even in scientific circles, where you might hope there’s support and understanding, there’s still issues for Trans people (and most likely Genderqueer too). Thankfully, every year that passes, things get a little easier. Now Trans characters are on TV in …
Refused surgery for identifying as genderqueer
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Lola Phoenix lives in the UK, which is great because that means they can access the National Health Service (NHS) and the Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic for help with surgical issues. In this case, they’re asking for top-surgery to reduce the size of breast tissue, a surgery that female identifying people can get at the drop of a hat. Except they can’t get help, apparently because they don’t identify as either “Male” or “Female”. Lola’s …
Genderqueer versus Transition
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One of the assumptions made by many is that everyone in the world belongs to one gender or the other. You’re either male or female and that’s it. Which puts Genderqueer identifying people in a bit of a bind; they’re always expected to take the plunge and be the Man or Woman they were always meant to be. Gender isn’t quite so black and white, but Genderqueer peeps are fighting for recognition in a binary …
What it means to be Genderqueer
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We totally missed this article on Australia’s ABC back in September. It features tow genderqueer locals, Sam and Mikey, and gives a rather good overview of what it is to be genderqueer, including this corker of a comment from Sam: “If you’re not a doctor, you don’t need to know what part’s between my legs,” Sam said. It’s really nice to see a local view on genderqueer (and indeed, anything in the “T” and “I” space); …
Things you should learn about Genderqueer peeps
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Trans people seem to be pushing at the edges of the mainstream thanks to TV featuring people like Caitlin Jenner and Laverne Cox, and the portrayal of a Trans woman by Jeffrey Tambor on the show Transparent. But Genderqueer people are the latest to be left behind; and you can see the progression of grudging acceptance of GLBTI people, starting with gays, then lesbians, bisexual and trans. Arguably acceptance is improved by two things: exposure …
Staying safe online – a message for all of us
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There’s been a lot of press over the past few years about people being harassed online. It’s usually women, and it’s always horrible. There’s now a website to get information on how to stay safe online, created by three women who have undoubtedly had plenty of experience avoiding harassment. The web is a great place, but like reality, there’s always someone out there who wants to make things difficult for us. Read more about staying …
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