Dude Magazine
Dude magazine is the first collection of queer and trans perspectives on various topics related to trans guys. DUDE was a project that ran from 2010 to 2013. Because it was purely volunteer run, it eventually reached it’s resting point. This isn’t the only reason it ceased production, Jez Pez the Founding Editor felt the purpose of DUDE had achieved it’s goal. Jez Pez wanted DUDE to raise the profile of trans guys. While the project …
Simply Trans
By WA Gay and Lesbian Community Services The Simply Trans booklet was created by the WA Gay and Lesbian Community Services organisation to explain what the various kinds of transgender expression are. It includes good explanations of what sex and gender are. NOTE: The explanation of cross-dresser, while technically accurate, doesn’t take into consideration that genderqueer people consistently dress in the clothing of the “opposite” sex. The booklet can be downloaded by clicking the link …
The gender book
The Gender Book is an online resource that discusses and demystifies gender, a “gender 101” if you like. It is a community funded and edited resource. We looked for a 101 book and didn’t see one yet. So we set out to make our own. At time of writing, they’ve completed a second run of 500 copies. The gender book website View the Gender Book online  
Trans Youth Sexual Health Booklet
By Gendered Intelligence The Trans Youth Sexual Health booklet was produced by trans people aged 16-24 at Gendered Intelligence, in partnership with Terrence Higgins Trust. The project allowed young trans people to get together as a group and learn about sexual health, and also to discuss how to make sexual health information more relevant to trans people. As a result, a group of young people produced this information booklet, which is aimed at trans youth …
Genderfork is an online community where you can view and contribute personal stories, videos and portraits of gender-variant people, gender questioning and genderqueer people. These are real people around the world who share parts of their stories so others can benefit. Visit the Genderfork website
MGQ & BFT do a picnic @ Midsumma!
Latest News
For Midsumma 2012, Butch Femme Trans (BFT) and Melbourne Genderqueer (MGQ) are doing a picnic at Midsumma carnival. All Sex and Gender Diverse people are welcome, together with partners, friends and interested people too! We’ll have a tent or two set up on the hill near the entrance decorated with blue and purple balloons. Bring your drinks and a share plate along and come and enjoy what Melbourne’s queer community has to offer. Make sure …
Lex’s list of Trans Fanfic
Lex’s incomplete list of affirming fanfic about trans characters. Note:  always read the header information for a fic, to make sure that you don’t start reading something that’s going to upset you. This list starts when the general fics and slowly gets more sexually and bodily explicit. Never Any Prologue by odditycollector Doctor Who. Warnings: None: General audiences. Spoilers for Time of Angels and nothing after that. River Song. The first time she meets the Doctor. …
Rainbow Network
Rainbow Network Victoria was set up in 1998 to meet the needs of workers facilitating groups for same sex attracted young people across Victoria, Australia. Members can receive supervision, access to resources, professional development sessions and networking opportunities with over 600 members across Victoria. Visit the Rainbow Network website.
Gender Questioning booklet
By GLHV and Trans Melbourne Gender Project The Gender Questioning booklet was produced by Gay Lesbian Health Victoria with the help of the Trans Melbourne Gender Project. It’s intended for gender-questioning and genderqueer youth, but is useful for people of all ages. The booklet is also available as a printed brochure from Gay Lesbian Health Victoria and the Rainbow Network. Download the Gender Questioning booklet
Kate Bornstein
Kate Bornstein is a feminist writer, actress, performance artist and frequent guest on daytime television talk shows. She regards herself as genderqueer rather than a purely trans-woman, and has written many books on the subject of gender. Visit Kate’s website