NDIS LGBTIQ+ Communities Hub – Reimagine

reimagine.today is co-designed with people living with mental health conditions including psychosocial disability. Many of the people involved in reimagine.today have lived experience of the NDIS. They have used their experience to help you better understand the NDIS and the  opportunities for people living with psychosocial disability.

These resources were co-designed by people from within LGBTIQ+ communities, with lived experience of mental health concerns, their carers and chosen supports. 

The resources on this hub give personal stories and experiences as well as advice on engaging with the NDIS. We hope you find this hub a safe and supporting space. However, if you do find any of the content triggering for you, please discuss this with a trusted support person or contact one of the support options in this link: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/national-help-lines-and-websites

To find out more visit https://reimagine.today/lgbtiq-communities-hub/

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