National LGBTIQ Community Impact Survey

Are you an LGBTIQ community organisation, program or initiative ? A funded LGBTIQ stream within a larger organisation ? Or  an individual engaging in activities such as education, public speaking, writing, performing, delivering workshops and potentially deriving an income stream from these activities ?

This exciting & ambitious project is seeking to map the national landscape of LGBTIQ community organisations, programs and initiatives, and identify existing & emerging gaps in legislation, policy, and practice, state by state. The project also seeks to clarify how the LGBTIQ communities across Australia can advocate effectively for maximum impact, whilst ensuring that advocacy structures provide effective representation of marginalised groups within the LGBTIQ communities.

This survey will be followed up by community consultations in each state between August and October and we hope you will participate in those too.

The final report & key insights will be distributed, & presented at the Equality Project’s ‘Better Together’ Conference in Melbourne in January 2018.

Our thanks to you for getting involved and sharing your valuable insights & knowledge with us.

Are you aware of another organisation or group that could contribute to the survey ? Please forward this invitation and the link on to them.


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