NAT: Trans and Gender Diverse Dungeons and Dragons

TGDnD (trans and gender diverse Dungeons and Dragons) is an onsite and online community project run by Thorne Harbour Health with generous funding by Department of Families, Fairness and Housing Victoria.

The event will be hosted conjunction with experienced TGD&NB hosts to bring community together to enjoy table top role playing games. All genders and identities welcome!

You do NOT need to be a seasoned DnD player to attend! All levels welcomed.

This event will be running consecutively for 6 weeks – each session will be held on a Wednesday evening with games commencing at 5pm and wrapping up at 8pm. The games will be run as one shots (a single, stand alone game) meaning you do NOT need to attend weekly (but are welcome to!)

To find out more or to sign-up visit HERE.

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