My Agender

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Edited by Stef Tipping

book-my-agenderMy Agender is a collection of personal stories which explore the interplay between gender and sexuality. The stories in this book are written from the heart and explore the pain, strength and courage it takes to express your authentic self.

Identity, determination and individuality are common themes which each contributor displays with incredible honesty and vulnerability. Several stores reflect on past experiences and highlight the importance of being free to be yourself. It is time to challenge binary thinking and explore the ‘in-between’.

GQA organiser Gem writes:

I absolutely love reading short stories, even better ones that I can relate to and that cover the diversity of the GLBTIQ community. This book holds a special place on my shelf because each story is so familiar – I can relate to them, the authors and at the same time learn something new from/of each. This is an excellent read for young and old, trips and before bed, as well as an excellent gift for all occasions and one that should be on every library shelf.

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