LGBTQIA+ Research Study

A student from Penrhos College in Perth is participating in a statistics poster competition (the SSA National Schools Poster Competition), and has decided to cover the topic of the LGBT+ community. They’ve contacted Genderqueer Australia (GQA) with a link to the survey that they have created, asking us if we would be able to send it around our community. This competition is due around September, and they say that “I am interested in spreading awareness for such a topic, and would love as many people as possible to participate. It won’t take more than five minutes.”

The survey results are anonymous, private and confidential. You will be asked questions, some being personal, relating to your mood, and if LGBT+, your experiences as a part of the community. Please try to answer each of them honestly and complete all of the required fields.

The results are being gathered for a statistics program on the differences in lives (particularly health) in regards to the LGBT+ community.

Please contact for any questions or to take part in the survey please visit HERE.

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